Our company was founded in 1956 by Leonard Gordon. We provide a range of services, providing products
   to several different market sectors, including the following:

Sales at our retail store -
   Major categories are rock, indie rock, r&b, jazz, classical, shows, vocals, big band, country, folk, bluegrass,
   world, dvds (movies and music). Other categories include virtually anything else that you can think of. And,
   of course, we have all the current hits at discounted prices. We have thousands and thousands of titles in stock.
   Our vinyl sections, new and used, are extensive and continue to grow.
email or call for information.
   mail@canterburyrecords.com  Tel 626.792.7184

Sales on the web at our web store -
   We're still working on our web store. In the meantime, see the first of our mini-web stores -
The Jack Sheldon Mini-Web Store . For thousands of other items, see
   our retail store above, and use contact information at the bottom of this page.

Sales to public libraries and schools -
   We provide assistance, discounts, and open accounts to libraries and schools

Sales to dealers -
   For resale


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